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Arx is a reel  built with purpose; for casting a variety of lines with maximum line control and reliability.      The continuing evolution of Spey and Scandi lines, shooting heads, flat mono, etc. demand a reel that can help prevent line snags while retaining the high performance you’ve come to expect from Waterworks Lamson. Arx has a full cage frame that encapsulates the spool to prevent line from escaping or snagging in critical areas. Normally a configuration like this would do a good job at preventing line fouling, but would preclude palming the reel. Arx is carefully milled on the bottom third of the reel to expose a functional palming section. Even the drag knob has been designed to provide optimal grip without exposing a portion of the reel to line fouling.  Whether you are two handed fishing or in the saltwater navigating big winds and fat fish the Arx delivers. read more…

ULA Force SL Series II

The evolution of Force Superlight reels arrives with a new line storage format, enhanced CNC machined structural development and more fluid, refined styling. The Force reels have, since the introduction in 1997, pursued what we feel is the Holy Grail of fly reel performance: delivering the highest possible ratio of retrieve rate to reel weight. read more…..


Litespeed Series IV

For years an iconic ultra-large arbor reel, Litespeed has now been refined for even higher retrieve rate, improved ergonomics, easier line management and less mass.  Still a close second to a Force SL in trout sizes, the Litespeed is the reliable thoroughbred of the Lamson line. read more…..


Lamson Speedster Speedster

Making a good thing better is what our company is about. The Speedster is a super-high retrieve rate reel with a narrower spool, inboard mounted handle and an outer diameter significantly larger than our highest performing reels.  The narrow spool prevents line barreling, the added circumference and inboard handle improve retrieve rate. read more…..


Speedster HD

Speedster HD (“Heavy Duty”) follows the lead of our Arx and Guru HD reels by incorporating a full-cage design to capture line without failure.  The narrow spool prevents line barreling, the added circumference and inboard handle improve retrieve rate. read more…..


Lamson Guru Series II

Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard as a rugged, fully USA-machined ultra-reliable reel at a great price. This season we’ve updated Guru’s spool geometry for enhanced retrieve rates… read more…..


Lamson Guru HD Series II

The HD in this reel stands for “heavy duty” and this version of Guru, unlike the standard Guru, has both a complete cage design (like the Arx) and type II finish in a pewter-tan color.  Guru HD Series II is a great affordable Saltwater and/or Spey reel. read more…..


Lamson Remix

A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid. read more…..



Lamson Remix HD

A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid. This hybrid in the HD version is a “Heavy-Duty”, full frame version. The full frame captures line without failure and is a great Spey or Switch option. Read More…



Lamson Remix 3-Pack

New for 2016, we’ve expanded our popular 3-Pack line into Remix reels. You can now buy a Remix reel and two spare spools with a slick carrying case for the price of one reel and a spare spool.  read more…..

Lamson Liquid

Let’s face it, die cast reels are intended to be low cost alternatives to a machined reel, right?  Imported, heavier, easier to damage, plain Jane, etc. Well . . . not necessarily.





Liquid 3-Pack

The 3-pack is an extreme value; it includes one reel and two spare spools in a nylon carrying case all for the price of one reel and one spool. read more…..


 The Gear Shower The Gear Shower

The spread of aquatic species (AIS) from one body of water to another is a serious and growing ecological problem. Once an invasive species is established in new water, it can be impossible to eliminate. The method recommended by experts is to rinse gear after fishing at the take-out so that the AIS are not transported away from the site. And that’s where the Gear Shower can play a positive role. Fill the Gear Shower with tap water from home and use it to rinse away all visible material from gear at the take-out. Leave AIS behind! Let the Gear Shower make it easy. read more…..

 Reel Safe Reel Safe

If you travel, take advantage of our Reel Safe to protect your reels from unwelcome bumps. If simple is good, the Reel Safe is great. Tough plastic halves thread securely together to cradle and protect your reel in thick foam. Capable of holding any type of reel up to 4.25” in diameter (including reel foot). Price: $9.99
Fits the following reels: Waterworks reels: P1, P2, F2, F2X * Lamson reels: Litespeed 1, 1.5, 2 * Velocity 1, 1.5, 2, 3 * Guru 1.5, 2 * Radius 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5 * Konic 1.5, 2

 Ketchum Release Ketchum Release

Fish mortality can be reduced by landing the fish quickly and by avoiding netting and handling. This technique will preserve protective coatings and eliminate air exposure. The Ketchum Release tool makes this low-mortality release easy. The tool also allows you to retrieve your fly without damage and it allows your hands to stay dry in cold weather. Three sizes are available: the Midge is designed for flies on hook sizes 20 and smaller; the Original is designed for medium-sized flies; the Big Bug is designed for large-bodied flies like Hoppers. $19.99 each, unconditional lifetime guarantee.

 The Stripper Glove The Stripper Glove

We saw a need for a high quality glove that could provide sun protection and that could protect from the cuts and abrasions of stripping line. Our Stripper Glove protects the first and second fingers from stripping abrasions with a durable four-way stretch material.Sizes S, M, L, XL $19.99 a pair